Friday, January 30, 2009

In which we grow.

So this week has gone by rather quickly, and tommorow is another colony war. For the last few weeks, we've still been under heavy bombardment by heavy clans, and it never ceases to amaze me the things these jackasses can say. How they pretend to stand their ground as they insult others with intention to hurt them, and never realize the consequences of said actions.
However, realization cannot be achieved by one's own words, but by the result of the actions taken. When the time comes, those who deserve justified punishment, will receive much more.

And to our amazing leader, happy birthday Lourdes. From the hearts of Telos and I, we wish you a great birthday, and an awesome year. Let your happiness run through your veins, and let the bad suffer for what they have done. You are truly a beautiful pearl found inside an oyster.


Sunday, January 25, 2009

In which I discover.

Sunday, January 25th, 2009 - The beginning of a new era. My Emilia the Sage has finally become a veteran, and has taken place as the new magic user of my family. I must retire Natasha for now, but I am pleased to announce the abilities of my newfound veteran. With deadly attacks from her stance books and Elite Wave of Steel, she has become the strongest member of my family. Since D'arwyn gave me his two healing rings, she now has a deadly collective healing average of about 2000HP/a heal. This was a 500HP+ jump from when she was non-vet, and had the two rings. I cannot wait to expert her, and see where her heal takes me.
Saturday, January 24th, 2009 - The colony wars of this weak was bland and dry. We barely had any action, and I was so anxious in waiting for Fatal's attack on us. However that did not occur. Since the past month, Telos has become increansingly hated by many, and I cannot bear witness to the constant abuse that is fixated on Lourdes, and others who choose to join. Fatal has been warned on multiple occasions, and has never been taken down by an AM.
But being more general, the entire clan has agreed to constantly ignore Fatal and their whining, and choose not to talk about it. I, however am not the type of person who sits back and does nothing while her allies are falling. This is exactly what happened to Maiev however, who has become an idol to me since my Warcraft playing days. Her fixated passion on recapturing Illidan, led her to her downfall. But the only mistake that she and I will never make, is allowing things to happen.

In the words of Voltaire: I do not agree with a word
you say, but I will defend to death your right to say it.

In the same essence, I will defend my friends to the passage of death, and forevermore honor their peace, and the respect they deserve. While the rest of Telos avoids facing their enemies, I choose to face them. I wonder now, if I am the only one who genuinely cares. Somewhere deep inside my heart, says yes. But I know everyone else cares, but am I the only one with the passion to show that I do? But the biggest question I have to answer is, will the vengeance I seek inevitably lead to my downfall, and will it ever cause me to leave Telos, because I will not be able to handle my wrath?




Selfess Service



Personal Courage

I leave in my hands yet again, the key to my fate. Will what I do destroy me..or will it save others.

Struck with Conundrums



Thursday, January 22, 2009

In which I begin.

My name is Lunesca, I play the server of Orpesia on Sword of the New World, and I roll with Telos. My real name however is Jennifer Valentine. The last name of course is fake, but I want it legally changed to Valentine. Why? Cause I'm cool like that.
I'm from a suburb in Queens, New York. Also known as Flushing. I attend a high school in Fresh Meadows, Queens which shall remain nameless for my own safety, and I am enrolled in JROTC there.
I start my journey in the summer of '08. Sometime in the month of July, where I started downloading Sword to play for the second time in my life. I played the Open Beta version, and liked it, but I thought it was weird for me cause I didn't know where to explore after. I quit after OB for a while, and then the real game began and I had an urge to retry the uniqueness flavor of Sword, and so I did. And here I am now, after roughly 6 months, I've become a Veteran.
My adventures in sword began during OB, when I played with a few friends from Rakion, and we leveled together, but drifted apart inevitably. My original family name was Volencia, but then I forgot my account name for here I am as Lunesca.
My clans used to be Save, No_NeeD, and now Telos, respectively.
Save was under Fiinch's command, he came back one week, and then he dissapeared and deleted Rakuru and I from his friend's lists. By the way, Rakuru is my connection to Telos, he's the reason why I was able to join Telos, so yay for Rak!. :3.
Then came No_NeeD, and Flurb was in it with me. However, the only thing I despised about No_NeeD was the lack of interesting conversation. Whatever conversation I had with them caused massive amounts of hate afterwards. Especially since Da1masca would always say that I'm PMSing. After the constant harassment of such a thing, I decided to leave. I said my 'F' yous and left, angrily.
Then a few weeks later, I came back and asked Rakuru if he could get someone to add me into Telos. Luckily this is where Warlust comes in and added me. :3. And loe and behold, my adventures with Telos, our bravest leader and most wisest leader, Misericordiia.

That's all for now.