Thursday, January 22, 2009

In which I begin.

My name is Lunesca, I play the server of Orpesia on Sword of the New World, and I roll with Telos. My real name however is Jennifer Valentine. The last name of course is fake, but I want it legally changed to Valentine. Why? Cause I'm cool like that.
I'm from a suburb in Queens, New York. Also known as Flushing. I attend a high school in Fresh Meadows, Queens which shall remain nameless for my own safety, and I am enrolled in JROTC there.
I start my journey in the summer of '08. Sometime in the month of July, where I started downloading Sword to play for the second time in my life. I played the Open Beta version, and liked it, but I thought it was weird for me cause I didn't know where to explore after. I quit after OB for a while, and then the real game began and I had an urge to retry the uniqueness flavor of Sword, and so I did. And here I am now, after roughly 6 months, I've become a Veteran.
My adventures in sword began during OB, when I played with a few friends from Rakion, and we leveled together, but drifted apart inevitably. My original family name was Volencia, but then I forgot my account name for here I am as Lunesca.
My clans used to be Save, No_NeeD, and now Telos, respectively.
Save was under Fiinch's command, he came back one week, and then he dissapeared and deleted Rakuru and I from his friend's lists. By the way, Rakuru is my connection to Telos, he's the reason why I was able to join Telos, so yay for Rak!. :3.
Then came No_NeeD, and Flurb was in it with me. However, the only thing I despised about No_NeeD was the lack of interesting conversation. Whatever conversation I had with them caused massive amounts of hate afterwards. Especially since Da1masca would always say that I'm PMSing. After the constant harassment of such a thing, I decided to leave. I said my 'F' yous and left, angrily.
Then a few weeks later, I came back and asked Rakuru if he could get someone to add me into Telos. Luckily this is where Warlust comes in and added me. :3. And loe and behold, my adventures with Telos, our bravest leader and most wisest leader, Misericordiia.

That's all for now.



  1. Nice first post. :D Valentine as a last name is nifty.