Monday, March 30, 2009

In which I worry.

So, I went on SoTNW today, the first time in about 2-3 months since I left, and everything's still pretty much the same. I don't know if I should come back, but I do have the urge to want to blow things up with an elementalist. Mainly because I think my desired team would be my godly ETS, my Musk and a vet ele. Even though I loved my fighter, I just think Ele's are way more useful. So I don't know if I should go back, however I am thinking about it since I do miss some of my dear friends, (Sarah.(:) my partner in crime. Haha :D. Well, more thinking about that I must do.

And in other news, apparently tommorow April 1st, 2009, a devastating internet attack will occur from a Internet Worm called "Conficker C." A lot of people say this is a controversy like Y2k. However, I believe that this thing could possibly be very very realistic. Y2k was just a conspiracy theory on the world ending because of an unnatural phenomenon. However, something like a worm that is activated to attack specifically on April 1st, cannot be an unnatural phenomenon. This worm can be very real, and is very dangerous. It will be used to stop traffic of major major sites that is used daily. This could include sites such as: Google, Yahoo, MySpace, Facebook, Youtube and so on and so forth. I suggest immediate updates on your Anti-Virus's immediately.

There were several articles on this worm, here is one of them:

P.S. Apparently, this worm hides in your computer until it's command to attack, so you may or may not know if your computer has this worm. Some have said that you know you have it when you absolutely cannot update your Anti-Viruses/go on any anti-virus download websites such as AVG or Norton.

Be safe.

Monday, March 23, 2009

In which I discuss.

As a child, after learning multiplication and the square root and exponentials, I always wondered the course of a person's future. Every 365 days after our birth date, we gain another year of age. A year of age, a year of experience, and a year of endurance. When I first learned these processes of math, I began to think, would being 15 years old give me 225 events that would make me remember, 255 events that give me a greater experience of life, and greater wisdom.

My internet experiences began when I was the age of 13. This age was especially the greatest one that I laugh at, even to this day. This was my worse year of experiences that I could remember. My life has been like the Greek Gods, at 13 I was Aries, the god of violent and unnecessary warfare. I was a very erratic person at this age, talking crap about me constituted great war against you, and you best pray that I don't unleash my wrath upon you.

At 14, I began Rakion as a little noobie, played an archer and quit for a while. It was at this time that I started making some progress towards the higher level fighting, but it was a very on/off year of quietness. It became the most serene year of my life by far, although I was still Aries-like.

At 15, I broke into the realm of 31-99 on Rakion, playing with the high class levelers, meeting new people, and making both plenty of enemies and friends. This was the year that I hated myself the most, my life became dreadful, locked with constant betrayal and heartache. I made many enemies during this time of my life, I do remember those enemies, I hated them so much and wished to tear their heart from their bodies and rip their soul from their being. This year gave me such heartache, broken love, destroyed friendships, and constant warfare.

Now that I am currently 16, having done almost 365 day's worth of 256 events and new experiences. I've grown wiser, much more mature than my age is. It has been my greatest accomplishment yet. I've learned to forgive the betrayel and hate that my enemies bestowed upon me. And though such enemies are not all my friends, it does not matter to me if I become hated, or loved. If they hate me and wish harm to me, then so be it. But for great karmatic justice shall take place and uphold all sins placed by the people. I forgave many enemies, most of which became close friends of mine, some I love still, but it goes unidentified, and it is okay with me. I have become a martyr, and will sacrafice my happiness for the welfare, sake, and above all, the happiness of others, even if it means risking my own happiness.

In less than two months, I shall begin my 17th year of life, expecting 289 new experiences and new events. I figure this squaring of the age to provide new experiences is probrably wrong. And as the number of age increases, as well as it's square, the difference of squares between your old and new ages will be number that provides you with new experiences. Leaving you with 289 experiences and events that give you meaning that you have endured in your life.

In the end, love conquers all, my life has been full of hate and love, bountiful of both. Yet, I continue to strive on, with my head held up high. I've developed from Aries, the god of violent war, to Athena, the goddess of war done intelligently. But although love conquers all, there is and never will be, the true meaning and the true appearance of a war done intelligently.


Saturday, March 21, 2009

In which I deliver.

So today, was the International Festival at my school, and my group did pretty well it was freakin' fun though. But the thing that was annoying was people screaming rudeness about getting off the stage, and boo you suck, and most of this was said by Hispanic and Indian males. It's really annoying considering lately, I've seen a LOT of stuck-up idiotic Indian males, and it's really really annoying hearing their pubescent voices. But I won't get so much into that.

So after I came home, my friend IMs me this Wikipedia article and Facebook page of a girl who was murdered 20 years ago in 1989 in Japan by the name of Junko Furata. I don't know how many people know about this story, but her murder was never justified, and has been one of the most tragic and agony-filled stories that I have ever read. This murder almost makes Hitler's despicable acts during the Holocaust seem almost human. He at least killed the Jews, Gypsies etc. immediately, but this was not so for the fate of Junko Furata. She was kidnapped while going to work by four teenagers when she was 16 years old, forced to call her parents and forced to say she ran away from home and was safe. The four teenagers were +/- 1 year of age of that of Furata's. They did despicable things such as rape her 400 times in the 44 days of torment, agony and terror she suffered. One of the most disturbing things I read on a list of things they did to her, was that the teens stuck skewers of grilled chicken in her vagina and anus, and caused bleeding. I have no idea where they got this from, but I would never expect someone to think of doing something so evil. What pissed me off the most, was that her killers only got 8 years in prison because they were still juveniles even though they were tried as adults. Knowing that they will go to hell is not enough for me, I would personally destroy them myself. But they shall get what they deserve.

For more information about Junko Furata visit:

My heart goes out to the family of Junko Furata.
May your spirit wander until you rest in peace

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

In which I yay.

Ah, such a hectic life now.
So, today was when my crew found out that the international festival for our school is this Friday. And badly enough, we signed on to join and perform today.
I will be opening the show, with my solo of Toc Toc Toc by Hyori Lee. Since no one else wants to open the show, anyways, the girls are doing either Gee or Into the New World by SNSD. And the boys will end the show with Sunset Glow by Big Bang.
However in between are going to be a bunch of indian dances and other national music and cultural festivities.

Speaking of BigBang, after discovering that SeungRi from Big Bang has abs, I've TOTALLY fallen head over heels for him<3. Although I love him AND TaeYang, SeungRi is just too damn cute. (:.
I'm so moving to Korean and seducing him.


Friday, March 13, 2009

In which I am busy.

Finally, do I get much time to myself.
This weekend will be hectic. I have promotion board Saturday morning (please for the love of God that I do not mess up) and then I have an extra credit project to do for Global, which is 5 points on your total average, that'd bring my average to a 102. Freaking need please.

So now that I'm busier with school work, I have to make a newsletter / magazine with club, me being me I took the topics of forensic science and culinary arts. :] I'm cool like that.
And now I have to organize a bake sale for next week.
I'm making chocolate lollipops, probably in pink teddy bear, red hearts, and white/milk chocolate ice cubes decorated with sprinkles and whatnot.
I shall post a picture after I'm done making them<3

I leave my heart.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

In which I question.

ROTC always questions our acts of good citizenship. And to be honest, I try to be a good person, but sometimes is being a good person too hazardous? While waiting for a bus to get back home, I encountered two homeless people who frequently hang around this bus stop. They were talking, and one of them left. I turned around, and looked at the direction which the bus would come from, two girls in front of me opened their mouth in shock as their eyes looked past me. The homeless man had slipped from the ice and snow that was left over from the recent snowstorm. He slipped onto the road where cars were still driving quickly without any hesitation to stop. As I watched this man struggle to get back up on his own two feet, I began questioning my decision on whether or not to help him get back up. As I kept thinking, a woman on her cellphone reacted quickly, canceled her call and proceeded to help this man up..however, he shoo'd her away, saying he was fine, and insisted on getting up by himself. After a minute of struggling to get back up, I noticed this man was very awkward. He often mumbled to himself while getting up, and had horrible hand-eye coordination. This man was no 75 year old, but what I could estimate, someone between 30-40 years old. What would take me 3 seconds to get back up, took him 5 minutes. He finally got up on his feet, and as soon as he did, he needed to regain his balance, and immediately after doing so, he picked up some ice to wipe his forehead, which he then used the piece of ice to throw it onto the was then that I noticed his fall had caused an injury above his eye that bled a decent amount. He picked up more ice, wiping his forehead, while cursing at the ice. The bus arrived shortly after, stopping a meter in front of this man who was still on the road. I quickly got on, and that was when I noticed he got on as well, begging the bus driver to let him go for free, as he was 'wounded'. He stumbled near me, and sat 2 seats away. I instantly was sucker-punched by his horrendous stench of not bathing for a month, but with a distinct scent of apple-flavor. It was then I realized, that this man was drunk, all his struggles in the past 10 minutes were due to his own choice of getting hammered, and acting like a fool on the streets.

Was it wrong for me not to help this man up? Or would it have been wrong for unpredicted danger to overcome me, had I did help him.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

In which I win.

So this whole week has been rather chaotic. A snowday yesterday has caused me to slow down a bit, but hell yeah bey-otch. Snow day in New York for the first time in 5 years man. But no vacation comes without a price, kids who didn't attend school had to shovel the 8-15 inches of snow that they received on their property, even I had to do some shoveling, and god it was a beeyotch. But I'm brollick so I did it pretty quickly, faster then either one of my parents.

So in terms of school, chaos is it's true name, I have so many projects due this month, each week is going to be even harder until june arrives. Only 13 more weeks. BUT. On a lighter note, my dance group and I have finally perfected the dance AND vocals to Gee by Girl's Generation. It took probrably four weeks since we've been able to finally do it without complications, the dance and vocals were made for a girl group of 9 people, but we made it for 5, major win. So while the girls were working on Gee, the guys were doing their own thing. They still haven't perfect Big Bang's Haru Haru..but that's okay. :D. That song is hot so we'll just have to wait a little longer. So while we took breaks I was being a nerd and practicing Chun-Li moves, yes I have no life, but at least I can freakin' do them betch~. I sorta can do spinning bird kick, BUT however Chun-Li's is flying through the air without your arms supporting you, and well that's physically impossible to do to spin around mid-air. D: but atleast I can do some of it.


Sunday, March 1, 2009

In which I critique.

So, lately I've been infatuated with watching Street Fighter and Tekken animated movies. I recently saw both Street Fighter Alpha and Tekken the Motion Picture. I've gotta say, I'm pretty dissapointed with the both of them actually.

Street Fighter Alpha focused more on martial artist Ryu, with some Ken and Chun-Li. Ryu's "little brother" finds him after their mother's death. After his arrival, he begins to train with both Ryu and Ken, and ends up using the Haddo, which apparently Ken and Ryu should not use because of it's evil powers. The major thing that I was dissapoined about was how little Chun-Li action there was. D:. Come on, Chun-Li is so much cooler then Ryu and Ken, srsly. If it were humanly possible, I'd learn all of Chun-Li's moves just to show off. D:. There was one graphic scene, well it wasn't graphic, but it was dirty in my mind, that kinda freaked me out a little bit, and I wish to forget about it... but all in all, SF: Alpha was ehh.. I give it a 3/5, had it be more actiony with Chun-Li, then it'd be better.

Tekken the Motion Picture was epic fail. The story-line was okay, but the English dub was..terrible.. Kazuya's voice was so deep, it made no sense whatsoever at all. I mean, the entire storyline was about the main character's and their lives. But this revolved so much on Kazuya's revenge to kill his father, and then Jun is featured as an extraordinary martial artist. Are you friggin' kidding me. I'd rather watch the epic battles between Nina and Anna Williams, at least it's more action and less talking. I give it a 2/5, storyline was messed up, and it was..awkward to say the least..

So while I type up this crappy critique, I'm mediaconverting the Street Fighter II Animated Movie series, YouTube won't let me view it cause it's 'this video is unavailable to your country.'
Well it's available to me now, betch.~