Sunday, January 3, 2010

One very big update - Happy News!:D

Hey everyone, it's been quite the long time since I've updated this thing huh?
I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanzaa and now New Years. I've been gone for all those holidays.(:. Even though I haven't written on this blog much, I have been reading Ashardalon's blog and his updates of the GE world. Never ceases to amaze me how he comes up with the names and their etymology for his characters. Quite knowledgeable.

I'd also like to congratulate Sarah on her website that she finally opened after showing me her layout I think before the summer? I hope you're having or had a great time in the States with Dragonmount, and you've become quite the success in GE as I can see.

So a quick update about my life, since I haven't even had time to breathe in a while.
Originally, I was going to apply for SM/JYP Entertainment's contest during the summer in L.A. after a year's worth of Asian linguistics and intensive dance training and follow their regular schedule of Saturday 3-4:30PM auditions.
But, I saw that both companies were hosting their annual Talent Search contest in the States and both had chose a site that was less than 10 streets down from my house.
I did go, and I did apply for it. I thought I did pretty well, I did a couple of dances and two vocal songs.
Dance Songs: - Sorry Sorry by Super Junior, I Did It For Love & Eat You Up by BoA Kwon and Break It by KARA.
Vocal Songs: I Don't Want To Miss A Thing by Aerosmith and I Can't Help Liking You by Black Pearl.

I really wanted to do Sorry Sorry Answer by Super Junior but the song wasn't really out yet..looks bad to get an illegal copy.
So, before auditions, I didn't think I would excel at those linguistics lessons, but turns out I went on to an advanced class because I understood so well. I think it was because of my tiny but still valid knowledge of Cantonese, and Chinese and Korean are very much alike.
I didn't get to wish you guys happy holidays because I spent these few months in intense dance training to prepare for November, and I had massive schoolwork which I still do.

So I'm pleased to say, that I advanced to the next round and will continue fighting for that spot under SM Entertainment. (:.
I've been busy preparing for the next round in December by continuing my rigorous dance improvements and vocal talent. So I won't be saying hi for quite a while.

I hope you're all doing well and lovely<3.
I miss talking to many of you.

If you ever need to talk to me about anything, whether it be needing advice or just a chat email me!<3.
I won't get back to you as fast, but if needed I will be glad to help especially for a friend in need.

Have a Happy 2010, may you be granted with everything you wish for, and to the longevity of both your health and your family's.
Long post, sorry.x]]/

Saturday, September 5, 2009

In which I try to resist temptation.

I really feel like playing Sword again -_-;;

But I don't wanna go through hell all over again.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

In which I have BAD news for Marvel lovers.

I can't fucking believe this!
Marvel is being bought out by Disney Corp. for $4 Billion?!
X-Men is totally worth like, $30 Billion! D:<
This is an end of an era, it's totally going to suck now cause all of the awesome shit is going to be censored....
Can you imagine Wolverine hugging people instead of slashing them?!
Or Storm using lightning to fight, but instead pouring love and hearts from the sky?


Friday, August 28, 2009

In which I have good(ish) news.

Hey everyone!

Recently, I wrote on this blog that I planned on not appearing on America's Got Talent and American Idol. I've decided to stick with that decision. But however, I recently made a new decision.

I've decided to take up Korean and Mandarin language classes throughout the course of my senior year in high school for six months, hoping to master it by then.

At the end of this 6 month learning period, assuming I master Korean first - I will be heading to SM Entertainment USA's Headquarters in Los Angeles, California (the same company which is contracted with BoA and other celebrities like SNSD and Super Junior) and audition to be a singer/dancer. But. This year, I have to work especially hard so that I may suceed in speaking Korean, dancing and singing while maintaining my school activities and grades.

I checked out some of the audition clips from SM Entertainment USA and I thought that many of them were pretty bad..
One guy who was an actor..I thought he was just ranting at the camera..turns out he was talking about how a company was treating him bad and how he should kill them right now.
I was lol'ing at how awful it was >>;;.
But yeah, I wanted to share this exciting update of news to everybody.

Maybe in a few years I'll burst out of the music industry, hopefully in Korea first.
I'm still waiting for Miley Cyrus to do a vulgar picture with someone and everyone boos her. Something to the extent of Vannessa Hudgen's thing.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

In which I greet you.

Hullo everyone~
I'm in England at the moment, and will be returning back to the US in two days. D:.
I still have done almost absolutely nothing here in England. I've stilll been trying to look for locations that would interest me. I like looking at art and history, I find it fun. :3.
My adventures in Europe are soon to be concluded and I had a decent amount of fun here and there.
Rome's Trevi Fountain and Piazza Navona were beautiful.
But I can barely recall other places I went to because of my pigging out on food and watching X-Men Evolution on my laptop. Yes I know, I was in the Eternal City watching shows in my hotel room. I'm so cool.

But in other news, when I'm coming back I have a lot of work to do. ESPECIALLY get my group together and learn this dance routine and song.

So sexy and addicting.


Sunday, August 2, 2009

In which I explore.

Hey guys! Still in France for another two days.
I didn't mean to make you guys jealous! I'd take you guys with if I could. :[.
And Al, as for Germany and Rome, even though I know both places are great I think it's because Germany was the site of living hell and I don't know if I could bring myself to walk the earth that once had people harvested for death. I don't forgive Germany for what they did in World War II, in fact I really don't accept any formal apology from them for it because I think they still believe it was the right thing to do. None of them betrayed Hitler to save people so I can't see why I would visit that country anymore.

So yes, my travels continue here in France. I've actually had really rich food and I'm really woozy from it all. I had some really great cuisine though, the cassoulet being my favorite. I couldn't bring myself to try Escargot..soooo yeah..I really hoped that my life wasn't a movie scene, but it became one. I was sitting in a cafe in the morning drinking coffee and reading a book for my AP Summer Assignment when this asian guy (What the fuck another Asian in France? Whuuuuuuut?) He sits down without asking if the seat was taken and says Hi there (in English). Now I've been practicing ONE french phrase the ENTIRE time I've been here which is "Je ne parle pas l'anglais. " <- I don't speak English. And I think this was my stupid defining moment because he then speaks perfect french to me. And I was like. Damnit. So I picked up my book and just left. >_>;;

Yeah, pitiful is me.

And I just realized how people are SOOOOOOO self-centered. Was Roleplaying on Warcraft waiting for my day to begin and my god, this girl on the game starts describing her fantasy character. Jesus christ and when people were TRYING TO GO ALONG WITH THE ROLEPLAY she starts bitching about how they weren't listening. My god,she described her character as an elf (DRY MATERIAL MOVE ALONG) and how she's curvy and everything. The slut is probrably a huge mcfatty in real life.


Friday, July 31, 2009

In which I travel.

Hey everyone!
So I see that Sarah has gotten a new expert Elementalist, congratulations m'dear!

Anyways, I'm actually in Paris, France at the moment, literally right now. It's like 8:00AM here but I'm running on EST. I woke up an hour or so go. I'm staying at the Hotel du Levant, it's nice here and the breakfast is awesome. Eggs Benedict. (First try)~<3 Amazement. I'm here alone, no parents, no friends. I kinda want the experience of traveling alone. I got here last night around 11:30, I was dead tired so I slept until about 7 and woke up. Just looked at the internet finding places to go to and stuff. I definitely am going to the Eiffel Tower, and a few museums if I can find a few. This is actually the first country on my tour to visit 4 others. Originally I was going to visit France, Italy, Germany and Britain but I'm exchanging Germany out with Rome instead. (:. I know for sure Im going to the Normandy site of where D-Day occured in WW2. Well, my day doesn't start for another 2 hours. So I'm going to sit and play some Warcraft with some free Interwebs son. Playing in the Europe server, lul. x]. So I'm probably going to visit the Palace of Versaille tommorow and we'll see what happens then. I really don't think my trip here is going to turn into a movie scene where I meet a cute guy and he takes me out and I get to experience France or any of the other countries through his eyes. That'd be fun though.

Anyways, time to be bored for a little, and finish my tea.

Bye lovelies<3