Tuesday, May 26, 2009

In which I discuss : Six Flags.

This trip was semi-disappointing to be honest.
First, my friends and I went to Wild Safari to look at them animals. It was kinda funny, and amazes me how the animals aren't afraid of the cars. Some of them even walk out in the middle of the road when there are cars. Two ostriches walked by the middle of the road, and a train of little ducklings and their parents. It was so cute. There was this one car that was stuck in the left lane of the road because this ostrich was towering over it. Like literally standing 2 inches from the driver's side. I felt bad for them cause the ostrich pecked at their window a little. It didn't move for a good 20 minutes, so those poor people were stuck there. I liked Wild Safari, amazes me how much land Six Flags owns.
Second, we went to the actual theme park Six Flags, and that was the disappointing part of the trip. Kingda Ka wasn't open, so no crazy roller coaster for me to ride on..sadly. I did however got to go on Twister, the Sky Ride and Go Karts. Go Karts were freakin' awesome, I never realized what a reckless driver I can be. I wasn't bad, but I just sped like hell, even after they said "no drifting" I drifted like hell. There was this pink car with some girl in it, and I really wanted to pass her before the 6 laps were up, but nooo, the bitch kept moving left and right on straight paths, and sticking to the side on the curves. Bitch. But I got past her and did the same shit to her.
But this wasn't the disappointing part of the trip. The disapointing parts were the limitless numbers of nagging whiners. I mean, not to be racist, but while I was there I only saw a trend of naggers -- they were all black people. I mean, this isn't a joke, but that's what happened. Not once in the 4 hours I was there, did I hear someone from another ethnicity whine about something.
For instance, while I was standing in line @ Guest Relations to ask something, there was a pretty long line, but also these two people who were talking to the employees for a good 10 minutes. I don't mind waiting, because they're probably going through some reservation issues, and that can take a while, hell if it were me, I'd expect the same patience. But no, this black girl with this heavy jamaican accent comes along and says "this is boolshit, waiting in line." Then don't wait in line. She talks to her guy friend, and I was eaves dropping, listening to her whine about the long line, the long wait, and mocking this girl who was one of the people talking to the employees. Her friend then tells her that she owes him 50$ because of the money he spent on her today. Her reply: "it's my birthday, I owe you nothing." I turned around, and knocked that bitch out. That's the dumbest fucking excuse ever. Tell that to the IRS, or Immigration, or perhaps use it to get out of paying the medical bills that will cover the treatment on the black eye I just gave you.
Another instance, I was waiting in line to play this game, where you throw a ball at this board, and it has to go into the bucket in order for you to win this big ass life sized stuffed animal. This black woman won, and asked for the BamBam doll (I think it's BamBam, the little baby girl from The Flintstones) anyways, she takes her prize, looks at it, and sees a tear. Now keep in mind, these shits have huge ass heads, of course the neck tears. She brings it back to the kiosk to ask for something else. The employee is suffering by dragging this doll to this pen in the middle and tries to get her something else. He does this twice. And then she just asks for the BamBam doll back. I should've knocked her out too.
Finally, when I wanted to go to the paintball kiosk, there were these three black people. Now this wasnt naggy, but it was just so fucking annoying. They were just spending money shooting at STATIONARY targets, and was all "HEADSHOT" of course you'll get a headshot, it was STATIONARY. If you can't get a headshot, you might as well give yourself a headshot. It was retarded because they seriously thought it was counter-strike.

Ugh, horrible day. And Im not a racist! This is what happened today, and it's bad enough that I need to say it.


Sunday, May 24, 2009

In which I bore myself.

It really sucks how when the weather is down, my own emotions are down as well.
It's 4:21PM right now, and I need to wait another six hours before my dad picks me up so we can go on our family vacation. Sadly it's one day.. Im not allowed to prolong it to Tuesday cause I have a chemistry test. Damn you ms. Triola (chem teacher) she's awesome though, so no worries I guess.
Lately I think everyone's been down, and pretty depressed. I press my little MSN icon on my toolbar, and out pops the list of people, with depressing statuses or display names. I find it kinda funny how people come to me for advice, and decide not to talk to me after I do, so then they're left at a crossroads about whether or not they should ask me for more advice, but shouldn't because they decide not to IM you for about two months. Pitiful really. I could care less, it's not my life, it's yours.
My life is at a crossroads too however. I still haven't chosen a major for college yet. I keep asking myself is this what I really want to do. Forensic scientist -- it's great, but way too much paperwork.
Psychotherapy -- Dealing with insanity -- no thanks, Im pretty insane myself.
Sociologoy -- I'll end up building a nuke that kills people who are stoopid, cause I think their actions are the most retarded things in the world. Like my friend who payed 86$ for the AP Global test and decides not to write the 3 required essays that account for 50% of the grade. Good job, why don't you just NOT take AP if you can't handle writing the fucking essay. Good job wasting your mom's money.

Decisions like these make me think whether or not I'll die from stress before the age of 25. It's not so surprsing, Im not suicidal or anything, but these career choices will eventually end up leading you to death anyways, wouldn't it be easier if you just jumped now, instead of going with it.

The Confused Valentine.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

In which I discovered: jenkins2 and Dragonmount?

While I was stilling playing Sword of the New World with Telos being alive, I think most of us can remember the angry microphones that jenkins2 and Dragonmount would constantly spam at people. Most notably: "you're useless, go kill yourself, you worthless piece of trash."
How does this relate to me right now after quitting for so long?
While walking to Chemistry one day, I saw a freshman with two other freshmen, and he said, and I quote "you're useless, kill yourself, you worthless pathetic piece of shit." After hearing that, I froze. I asked myself, could it be? Could it be in fact those pathetic bastards that we met in-game? I turned to find this kid, I'm 5'6, the kid was 5'0. He was very short. But I walked up to this kid, picked him up and slammed him into the wall. I was pissed. I grabbed him by the collar of his shirt. And got up in his face. I told him if he ever had the tenacity to EVER say that to someone again, I will be there, and it would hurt after saying something like that. I could have done a lot worse to him. But I just dropped him and let him go. The dean asked me what I did. And I admitted it, after telling the dean what the kid had the audacity to say. They were more concerned with what he had said than what I had done. But regardless, I still wonder if his parents and he could in fact be Dragonmount or Jenkins. If it is, oh so help me, I will find him, an d destroy them for them defamating Telos, and slandering Mis's name.

On a happier note, thank you Kumi for posting that blog post about Charice Pempengco, I was going to watch that episode, but I forgot all about it. D:. But thanks for posting that youtube link, I showed it to my boyfriend, and he got a download of the song for me. :]. I can't stop listening to it, her voice is so beautiful. I wish I had her voice, since Im no where as good. I started trying to sing the song, since it is so calming and beautiful. I took the song lyrics to heart, even if I'm athiest. The song is beautiful.


Monday, May 18, 2009

In which I sigh.

So yeah, I posted Wanda Sykes yesterday on me blog, and Al and Dar sure got a hoot from her. :3
Yes, that's totally why I love her, she's a lesbian, and totally rocks hardcore. I miss you guys! I wish we were still playing Sword together, it was a fun time.

Yesterday a best friend of mine for a really long time poured his heart out on me, telling me how he really felt about me. And it's weird because, when he told me how he felt, it took me a while to realize that I felt the same thing. First thing's first, I ain't cheating on anyone, cause I dumped that other boyfriend a while back. And I feel totally stupid, when I spill my heart to him telling him about my crushes, and all that. But the good news is, my ex-crush has also moved on after I finally gave him a taste of reality.

So now life is pretty good. With the exception of my global teacher of course, who should still return his master's degree because he is the suck.

And as for AGT, I might do it, Im not sure, Dar is right that the life of a celebrity can be great, but very flawed. I don't know if I could handle that. :/. But it's good to know Al and Dar support me<3.


In which I LOL.

Anyways, so, I recently discovered Wanda Sykes, the ever so talented and blunt comedian who played Ruby the Assistant to Viola Fields in Monster-in-Law. I love her stand up comedy, I totally died when I watched her videos. Her standpoint on gay marriage, is the exact same point that I believe in. Check it out:

And, I'm still contemplating the decision to become a celebrity. I read that America's Got Talent '09 starts next month, for live auditions. I would prefer that over American Idol, because of Wanda Sykes's point on American Idol. :].

Finally, I've perfected the routine for Eat You Up by Boa Kwon with mah crew. I totally would perform I Did it for Love or Eat You Up for the judges on AGT. Totally win.


^- Stupid SM Entertainment USA disabled Embed on request. Fuckers. :[ Watch on High quality.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

In which I relieve stress.

Well, this next blog post is mainly just my weekly rantings about how crappy this week has been.

First off, people who I don't necessarily hate, but very much dislike constantly return to my life. It gets annoying after a while constantly needing to deal with this people. I just kinda wish they turned to dust, get hit by a truck or just die for no apparent reason at all. (Yes, this is how much I dislike them). The same thing applies for my new/current global teacher. He's an idjit. He had to do a department of education requirement to give a lesson on HIV/AIDS. Now, my global class isn't honors this year, because I couldn't get the needed grade to be in honors. So I'm stuck in a regular class, with regular idiots who's thinking of a good teacher is one who curses in class. So, when asked whether or not he gave a crap about this lesson, his reply? "I don't give a shit." I don't care for the HIV/AIDS lesson, but when you say you don't give a shit about HIV or AIDS because you don't have it, that's just purely obnoxious. I was very very very close to getting up, telling him to call his college and refund his Master's Degree because obviously four years of university didnt give you much of an education.

Secondly, my service learning project for ROTC has so far failed. The whole, every kid deserves a smile idea for stuffed animal donations is apparently against a code in the department of health. So much for that. Now I'm out of ideas, and the due date: <3 weeks. Just lovely.

Third, I'm still contemplating a decision to go on American Idol or not. There's major pro/con debates that can keep my decision-making fueled. If I did become sucessful, could I handle the stress as a celebrity? When Britney Spears went beserk, the paparazzi wouldn't leave her alone, no wonder she shaved her hair off. But, she's clean now with the strongest comeback. Would I do the same? Would people ever use me if I became sucessful? Would I just be a tool for 'friends' to hop along on? And then the pros, having a lot of money, having fame (though it can be bad), being a celebrity means I could help people in masses, and I think the most rewarding to me is showing up everyone who ever said they didn't believe in me. Or the same people who stabbed me in the back. It's just a wonderful revenge instead of saying it, I become one with much money and just kick ass and make them regret what they've done.

Fourth, I have an urge to make a new blog under the same account just to write short stories. Fantasy/Fiction short stories are things I totally love to write about. After all, literature substitutes reality for a realm in which we cannot explore as humans.

Bored to death, hating to end and a complicated decison.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

In which I update.

So, today I officially decided to quit Sword of the New World without the possibility of ever going back again. I gave the keys to my account to Sarah, who I know for sure without a doubt in my mind will do my account proud. I know she'll take good care of my Edward and Emilia and maybe my other darlings. :]. I trust you completely to kick major ass with these toons' Sarah, so get to ass kickin'<3.

I also started playing an old game that an old old old friend of mine played a long time ago, and now we went back to it. The game is Corum Online, and although it's click to move, it's the most fun game I've ever played. Leveling is easy as hell since quests account for 75% of your exp, but grinding is pretty quick as well. Especially when you get a godly guardian like mine<3. All I have to do now is wait for my friend to relevel his priest to 60, and we'll continue our adventures.

As far as real life goes; death is easy, living is the hard part. Life always tends to get difficult as the days past, and the school year ends. Final Examinations begin in two weeks, state regents a week after Finals and Cadet challenge is next week. Time to kick some major ass.

As for love, it's kinda hard getting past an old crush, when someone who looks exactly like your old crush is sitting in your class for the whole year. This person is practically the clone of my past crush, same face, same hair style, and the potential to be great. Except the body, I guess. But none-the-less, pretty similar. It's hard to move on when your past envelops you, and history repeats itself.

I hope everyone is doing well.

Monday, May 4, 2009

In which I sigh.

Soooo. I hope everyone's having fun with their lives currently!
I'm still in Daytona Beach watching and writing up stuff for Drill Team Competition Nationals. It's..really boring watching drills for about six hours. And I get to do it all over again tomorrow! I have to wake up in technically 4.5 hours after writing this post and watch drill teams for about 6 hours until 11 to 12. I'm just freakin' ecstatic.

On top of that, I sorta take this as a vacation too, having shopped for about seven hours yesterday after spending six hours watching drill comp. I spent roughly $1,000 on clothes here, 1/3 of which I spent on one item for my boyfriend. A $386.00 graphic suit jacket for him to wear to military ball. If he doesn't wear it I'm going to shoot someone.

I get back home on Tuesday..yay....the day right before my birthday. I'll be havin' jet lag for dinner kthanks.

Wanting to go home now.