Saturday, February 28, 2009

In which I anger rant.

After nights of tedious searching, Hector and I found Requiem : Bloodymare. It's SO gory, so bloody and so beautiful. SADLY, I can't play it because I don't have a Nvidia GeFore / ATI Radeon on my laptop. And my computer is busted. SO ROAR.

I even ASK my technical geek-friends some questions about graphics cards, but as SOON as I get the start of an answer, I regret asking them a question, why? Cause they constantly talk about things I don't need to know about, the details that don't contribute to the answers. Jesus christ people, you all know me as straightforward, blunt and direct, just give me a simple yes or no, don't give me a whole complicated answer. Otherwise I'm going to start asking rhetorical questions, and just shut myself out of the misery.

I leave this song:

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

In which I reinvent my blog.

Even though my blog was originally for Granado Espada, I decided to make it for well everything else in my life. A way for me to re-collect my thoughts and remember what needs to be remembered.

So first off, I changed my theme back to my original Rakion ninja which I do miss, and sadly has been destroyed by Softnyx and their corrupt Cruella de Vil type company.

Now what I'm looking for starting last night, is a new game that's interesting. I haven't really come accross anything that's catched my eye from the game listing, but I shall keep trying. LordHector, his new girlfriend and I are going to be questing and kicking some ass together, if we ever find a game.

Granado Espada
Rohan Online
World of Warcraft
No P2ps actually!
Trickster Online
Space Cowboy
Perfect World
Perfect World International
Silkroad Online.

We've been considering Priston Tales (2), Corum Online and Shaiya. But oh well, must keep searching..

I leave myself and others this video.

Don't turn your back on them. Without them, we wouldn't be living in a safe environment. Show your support for them. Because this video, shows all truth in what we go through, and what they go through.

I haven't stopped watching, and I don't stop believing.
Fight hard, and fight to win.


In which I bid you adieu.

It is my time to retire from you Sword.
To hang up my pistols, my rod, and my blades.
You have served me well, but it is time to leave indeed.
I've planned on joining Exalted these last few weeks, but the game has left me uninterested.
I've lost the will to continue playing, and to continue grinding to expert.
My family, you must collect dust until eternity, when I decide to finally resurrect you.

I bid you my last farewell.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

In which I find?

While surfing YouTube for a video on Romina using Equites, I find a video of a Korean Granado Espada PvP Fight. Turns out, Korea GE has Sponsored team battles for GE Players, and something called GE Store? It is probrably really popular over there, but I wish that the US would have something like this too for many games, since Korea has it for Starcraft and GE to my knowledge so far.

Friday, February 13, 2009

In which I breathe my final breath.

Some of you are probrably wondering why I left. Some more than others.
To be blunt, frank and completely honest. I left because I cannot stand the way I have been treated any longer. I am sick of being treated like second class dirt, by some people who I would have never expected such behavior and words from. And that has caused me to snap, and that was the last straw. I'm tired of needing to constantly show my dedication to a clan, that in return shows no respect for it's people back. I've given my leave much thought, and it is not because I want to leave. But I have been forced to resign and relieve myself of my duties in Telos. I once made a pact to myself, that if I immediately and repeatedly begin to be treated like trash, then I will immediately take leave. But that has been suspended on numerous occasions for Telos, and no more. I choose to honor my pact, before all others.

In the words of my freshman english teacher:

'You know when people don't give a damn of a rat's ass about you when they scrutinize and criticize that one mistake, that one error in judgement, above all your great deeds. If they fail to overlook your one mistake on the first try, then you know they only live to watch you fail, and when you succeed, they do not honor your success, but merely take control of it.'

Thursday, February 12, 2009

In which I reiterate.

I can't believe the things that have gone through this entire week. School has been repeatedly stolen my time from Telos, I even missed the Rafflesia raid, one which I've never been to. Though school is important, the time I spend doing well in order to get into a university which will suit my desire to help people, which I hope will prove myself wrong about not being able to succeed, has taken a lot of my own personal time away.
The thing which I want to apologize greatly for is my ignorance. My old clan leader from Rakion, Wai, has suffered great pain, from losing his grandfather a few years back, and is losing his grandmother as we speak. I've been so focused on my schoolwork, that I've ignored my good friends. I haven't spoken to him, and haven't had a chance to console him for his future loss. Such guilt and shame that I hold myself with for not doing so, has in turn made me cry, and die on the inside. So, Wai, if you ever read my blog, I'm sorry I haven't kept in touch. I love you, and always will, and will be there as much as I can, even though we've drifted so far apart. At times I wish life stayed the same as it did when we first met. Christine, Oscar, Kevin, and everyone else..we've all endured a great amount together, but we've drifted from each other..I still miss you guys..
On a less melancholy side-note, I've reinstalled Yahoo Messenger!, but it was only so that I could call my phone to see if my new ringtone worked... sadly calling from a computer is like 2.99/mo..
But, since then I've logged and stayed on Yahoo Messenger..and to what avail? I get a message while I was AFK from my psychotic ex-boyfriend. His name is Dominic, and he is Italian, he's like 24 now, and I'm 16. Such a pedophilic age for dating. But I've been told, my age, and my maturity do not coincide. So anyway, my ex-psychotic boyfriend talked to me. And instead of ignoring him and running I think I shall face him, and provide both of us with the closure we both properly deserve.

Until I fully recover and relieve my duties at school, we shall meet again.