Friday, July 17, 2009

In which I am frustrated.

I really want to play Sword again after seeing these new updates posted by Ashardalon.
It really really really pisses me off that I did give away my account therefore I have nothing to start with. -.-.
It really upsets me too cause I really wanted to be apart of 3.4 and Arsene Circus -.-;
and that's coming soon too to Sword now I really hate myself.



  1. Maybe you can check with the person you gave the account to, and see if anything is still available for you to work with? Just don't expect everything (or most things) to be intact.

    If you really want to restart, you might want to consider sGE instead. Since they are already in v3.4, and I heard, working towards v3.5. (Sword just received v2.9b recently.)

    I did a comparison of the 2 editions here earlier in May.

  2. I gave it to Sarah.

    And I thought sGE was a lot worse compared to Sword in terms of cash related items? And uber equips.

  3. Well, maybe you can try to PM her in the forums and see if you can work something out.

    Yes, the relative market price of cash shop items (e.g. how many MP you can get by selling a lv.100 chip) is higher in sGE, i.e. bad for F2P players.

    Lots of sGE players have very high-end gear, i.e. bad for new PvP-oriented players.

    But sGE has much faster content update, so whether it's good or bad depends on what kind of player you are.