Wednesday, July 22, 2009

In which I decide.

So yeah, my last post was basically about how I rant for 3 minutes about how I missed Sword.
I decided for my final decision that I will not return to Sword.
I love, appreciate and give major thanks to Sarah however for being so kind and gratuitous as to offering me a spot back by helping me out - but I must decline from your great offer.
I fear many things in life; one being a big burden. I find it irrational for someone to be apart of a burden such as myself so I really don't want to wish that on Sarah, because she doesn't deserve that. Save that offer for someone who deserves it, because I truly do not.

My final decision really revolved around a few things;
Yes I did want to be apart of the Zeia, the Arsene Circus, Claire and the new awesome updates - but these things all come with a hefty price; and that is cash. I'm getting tired of blowing my money on Sword and other games - mainly because I've never benefited from doing so, not once at all. Plus I have law school to save up for, undergradute degree to pay for, my own apartment, utility bills and everything for my future. :/ Spending money impulsively is the last thing I choose not to do.
I've also ran out of time in a day to do all the things that need to be done; I can't simply keep up with my schedule. I have to study for SATs again, do my AP assignments, work on my mom's new website for her new business, get a job, and then now I have to go and talk to my school principle about how my idea to create a student tribunal should be executed in the beginning of the school year, though I get to be the head of it if executed well. (:! So yeah, life is...painful to say the least. But I cannot keep up with Sword and my life.


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  1. It's understandable that you won't be coming back. After all your social life, home life and school life are taking up so much time.
    As you have officially made this decision the vets I was holding on to for you I will be selling to go towards my 92e Dragon Coat or a Musk LR.

    I hope everything you do turns to gold my dearest, you deserve nothing but the best.