Sunday, August 2, 2009

In which I explore.

Hey guys! Still in France for another two days.
I didn't mean to make you guys jealous! I'd take you guys with if I could. :[.
And Al, as for Germany and Rome, even though I know both places are great I think it's because Germany was the site of living hell and I don't know if I could bring myself to walk the earth that once had people harvested for death. I don't forgive Germany for what they did in World War II, in fact I really don't accept any formal apology from them for it because I think they still believe it was the right thing to do. None of them betrayed Hitler to save people so I can't see why I would visit that country anymore.

So yes, my travels continue here in France. I've actually had really rich food and I'm really woozy from it all. I had some really great cuisine though, the cassoulet being my favorite. I couldn't bring myself to try Escargot..soooo yeah..I really hoped that my life wasn't a movie scene, but it became one. I was sitting in a cafe in the morning drinking coffee and reading a book for my AP Summer Assignment when this asian guy (What the fuck another Asian in France? Whuuuuuuut?) He sits down without asking if the seat was taken and says Hi there (in English). Now I've been practicing ONE french phrase the ENTIRE time I've been here which is "Je ne parle pas l'anglais. " <- I don't speak English. And I think this was my stupid defining moment because he then speaks perfect french to me. And I was like. Damnit. So I picked up my book and just left. >_>;;

Yeah, pitiful is me.

And I just realized how people are SOOOOOOO self-centered. Was Roleplaying on Warcraft waiting for my day to begin and my god, this girl on the game starts describing her fantasy character. Jesus christ and when people were TRYING TO GO ALONG WITH THE ROLEPLAY she starts bitching about how they weren't listening. My god,she described her character as an elf (DRY MATERIAL MOVE ALONG) and how she's curvy and everything. The slut is probrably a huge mcfatty in real life.



  1. Hmm. Well I dunno about Germany's past...I was more thinking of all the old castles there. xD

    And wow, that 'elf' sounds like a noob.
    I'm also surprised to find that you RP. :D

  2. She wasn't noob so to speak, but she was one of those SRS. Roleplayers who have a huge fucking description for their fucking character.
    It's so pathetic.

    And I love roleplaying.

  3. Hey Jen,

    Finally got around to making an account on this site.

    I'm glad that you're having fun in Europe! I'm actually jealous that you're there right now. Would be glad to trade spots with you for a day :P.

    And wow. I'm so glad I left WoW to my brother and let myself play Aion.

    I'll be commenting more now, Jen! <3

    PS: Visit more castles!