Thursday, June 4, 2009

In which I talky~

So, my last post was about my future career choices, and well I still face the predicament of what I should choose.
Anyways, D'ar, you do realize teachers get a tax-deduction because they're civil servants right? :3. Pastry Chefs may make almost the same amount of money as teachers, they do not receive any deductions on their taxes. Plus, even though you don't deal with snotty kids, you do realize you'll have to work in a fast-paced environment with a head chef yelling orders at you. (Kinda like Gordon Ramsey, only he doesn't call you a fucking idiot every 3 1/2 seconds because it won't be the only words in his vocabulary.)
I've lately gotten very very agitated. Mainly cause I'm stressed about my grades, and these two big finals I have that are due soon. Both my teachers for these finals made it so that the finals isn't a test, but a project. My constitutional law project is writing legislation for pornography laws. Keep in mind, my con law teacher is like, 75 years old stuck in a permanent pelvic thrust position. The class is mad fun, but it's just creepy when you have a 75 year old lady teaching you con law who also happens to be a sex freak.
Speaking of sex freak, there's been a rumor going around my school of a 16-year-old sophmore taking pictures of herself nude and sending it to a guy she liked, who didn't like her and sent the picture to everyone in his phonebook. The girl produced child pornography, apparently in blue panties, but revealed everything else. I personally haven't seen the pictures, but from other people's accounts, they say she's ugly as hell, flat and saggy boobs, with a big nose, and pimples on both her boobs and face. After hearing these accounts - I don't think I want to see this picture at all. But I hope she goes to jail and so does the guy who sent these pictures. She's so desperate to have sex, it's pitiful. I feel no remorse for her, she committed the dumbest mistake one can make, and since her body is being ridiculed and scrutinized, it is no one's fault but her own.
Anyways, I should be going to sleep soon, because I have to do a project tommorow with 3 people who are lazy as hell. One girl in my group is a complete idiot. Like, the biggest idiot I've ever met in my life, and I've met some PRETTTTYY big idiots. She's got the most dumbest idea's I've ever heard, it's a good thing she's not working directly under Obama and the Economics chapter, because our country would be in deeper shit. "I bought a bag of 15 candies, and a bag of 200 candies!" - - why the fuck would you buy a bag of 15 and then a bag of 200. We only needed 80. "Let's hire a clown! But make sure I'm not there, because Im afraid of clowns" -- WHY EVEN SUGGEST THAT THEN. And my favorite one : "My mom thinks the subways are dangerous, can't we take a car service?" - - Subway fares : $2.00 USD + free 2hr. transfer. Car service from Queens to Manhattan: Approxiamately 351.46$USD. Her mother also thinks that Upper East manhattan is dangerous. Upper East Manhattan is where all the RICH WHITE KIDS live, what the fuck is so dangerous about that? It's also where Gucci, Prada, Armani Exchange, Louis Vuitton, F.A.O. Schwartz are around, what's the danger in that? Afraid of them shoving LV bags in your face telling you to buy them?
Lastly, I really hate some people on MSN. Like this one guy, who messages me, says Hi, and some random shit (Today it was about how his nose was runny - I tell him to take some medicine then) and then he says he just did. And then he's like, well I'm out, I need my sleep, good night.
WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU MESSAGE, WASTE 5 MINUTES OF MY LIFE TO TELL ME USELESS SHIT AND THEN TELL ME YOU NEED SLEEP. I'm not your fucking sleep aid, don't message me telling me shit about your life when you need sleep. Jesus Christ, next time I'm just gonna cut people off - If your convo does not past a 15 minute mark, do not continue beyond this point.

-Dealing with stupids all week, allllllll week.

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