Tuesday, June 16, 2009

In which it is the end. Pt. 2

So today marks the official end of my junior year of high school. It's been pretty fun, drama has cut down an enormous amount compared to my other years of life. It's been pretty peaceful too and I hope it remains that way for quite a while. And my last post about my friend being missing; he was grounded for a stupidly long amount of time, but he's back now. (He comes back the day after I write a blog post, gee should've done that a month ago eh?) I never thought of how sad the year can be when it comes to its' end. I've had a wonderous time in school beyond words. My onigiri was a hit at the ROTC party - that being said; saying good-byes to seniors I know and love is really hard to do. We got incredibly emotional and though it is time for them to move on, we take their place in hopes of becoming better.
But; my grades still remain, my bitch of an english teacher gave my project which is a final a 75. Partially my fault since I didn't meet the "two-page" requirement; but honestly can ANYONE write a two page poem about a subject without repitition of previous statements? God; she gave people 40s, 50s and 60s. A friend of mine even saw a 10. I hate her. I hope she burns in the fiery depths of hell that annoying bitch. (She's not married at all and she's liek middle aged and fugly.) She needs to get laid.
So yeah, the school years over but I still have regents to take. :/. Well, better hit the sack, gotta wake up in 6 hours.
Nighty night - and sweet dreams.


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