Wednesday, February 25, 2009

In which I bid you adieu.

It is my time to retire from you Sword.
To hang up my pistols, my rod, and my blades.
You have served me well, but it is time to leave indeed.
I've planned on joining Exalted these last few weeks, but the game has left me uninterested.
I've lost the will to continue playing, and to continue grinding to expert.
My family, you must collect dust until eternity, when I decide to finally resurrect you.

I bid you my last farewell.


  1. Bye, hope you have fun elsewhere. Maybe you can drop in again for a visit when K2 finally decides to release v3.0.

  2. Hey my sweet, I hope you do come back to us for fleeting visits every once in a while.
    Maybe when we do get 3.0 it may bring a new interest to you.
    Either way, Don't be a stranger but most of all, Take care of yourself and enjoy everything you do.