Wednesday, February 25, 2009

In which I reinvent my blog.

Even though my blog was originally for Granado Espada, I decided to make it for well everything else in my life. A way for me to re-collect my thoughts and remember what needs to be remembered.

So first off, I changed my theme back to my original Rakion ninja which I do miss, and sadly has been destroyed by Softnyx and their corrupt Cruella de Vil type company.

Now what I'm looking for starting last night, is a new game that's interesting. I haven't really come accross anything that's catched my eye from the game listing, but I shall keep trying. LordHector, his new girlfriend and I are going to be questing and kicking some ass together, if we ever find a game.

Granado Espada
Rohan Online
World of Warcraft
No P2ps actually!
Trickster Online
Space Cowboy
Perfect World
Perfect World International
Silkroad Online.

We've been considering Priston Tales (2), Corum Online and Shaiya. But oh well, must keep searching..

I leave myself and others this video.

Don't turn your back on them. Without them, we wouldn't be living in a safe environment. Show your support for them. Because this video, shows all truth in what we go through, and what they go through.

I haven't stopped watching, and I don't stop believing.
Fight hard, and fight to win.



  1. Good luck finding a new game to play. :)
    Try Ragnarok! xD I kid.

    Very nice video you've posted. All that is so true.

  2. Personally, I wouldn't recommend Priston Tales.. but then again that's my opinion and I've only played the first one. Didn't even know there was a second one. x_x;

    Anyway, hope you find a nice new game to play, and maybe see you sometime in the future when Sword decides to friggin' update.