Thursday, February 12, 2009

In which I reiterate.

I can't believe the things that have gone through this entire week. School has been repeatedly stolen my time from Telos, I even missed the Rafflesia raid, one which I've never been to. Though school is important, the time I spend doing well in order to get into a university which will suit my desire to help people, which I hope will prove myself wrong about not being able to succeed, has taken a lot of my own personal time away.
The thing which I want to apologize greatly for is my ignorance. My old clan leader from Rakion, Wai, has suffered great pain, from losing his grandfather a few years back, and is losing his grandmother as we speak. I've been so focused on my schoolwork, that I've ignored my good friends. I haven't spoken to him, and haven't had a chance to console him for his future loss. Such guilt and shame that I hold myself with for not doing so, has in turn made me cry, and die on the inside. So, Wai, if you ever read my blog, I'm sorry I haven't kept in touch. I love you, and always will, and will be there as much as I can, even though we've drifted so far apart. At times I wish life stayed the same as it did when we first met. Christine, Oscar, Kevin, and everyone else..we've all endured a great amount together, but we've drifted from each other..I still miss you guys..
On a less melancholy side-note, I've reinstalled Yahoo Messenger!, but it was only so that I could call my phone to see if my new ringtone worked... sadly calling from a computer is like 2.99/mo..
But, since then I've logged and stayed on Yahoo Messenger..and to what avail? I get a message while I was AFK from my psychotic ex-boyfriend. His name is Dominic, and he is Italian, he's like 24 now, and I'm 16. Such a pedophilic age for dating. But I've been told, my age, and my maturity do not coincide. So anyway, my ex-psychotic boyfriend talked to me. And instead of ignoring him and running I think I shall face him, and provide both of us with the closure we both properly deserve.

Until I fully recover and relieve my duties at school, we shall meet again.


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