Sunday, May 24, 2009

In which I bore myself.

It really sucks how when the weather is down, my own emotions are down as well.
It's 4:21PM right now, and I need to wait another six hours before my dad picks me up so we can go on our family vacation. Sadly it's one day.. Im not allowed to prolong it to Tuesday cause I have a chemistry test. Damn you ms. Triola (chem teacher) she's awesome though, so no worries I guess.
Lately I think everyone's been down, and pretty depressed. I press my little MSN icon on my toolbar, and out pops the list of people, with depressing statuses or display names. I find it kinda funny how people come to me for advice, and decide not to talk to me after I do, so then they're left at a crossroads about whether or not they should ask me for more advice, but shouldn't because they decide not to IM you for about two months. Pitiful really. I could care less, it's not my life, it's yours.
My life is at a crossroads too however. I still haven't chosen a major for college yet. I keep asking myself is this what I really want to do. Forensic scientist -- it's great, but way too much paperwork.
Psychotherapy -- Dealing with insanity -- no thanks, Im pretty insane myself.
Sociologoy -- I'll end up building a nuke that kills people who are stoopid, cause I think their actions are the most retarded things in the world. Like my friend who payed 86$ for the AP Global test and decides not to write the 3 required essays that account for 50% of the grade. Good job, why don't you just NOT take AP if you can't handle writing the fucking essay. Good job wasting your mom's money.

Decisions like these make me think whether or not I'll die from stress before the age of 25. It's not so surprsing, Im not suicidal or anything, but these career choices will eventually end up leading you to death anyways, wouldn't it be easier if you just jumped now, instead of going with it.

The Confused Valentine.

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