Wednesday, May 20, 2009

In which I discovered: jenkins2 and Dragonmount?

While I was stilling playing Sword of the New World with Telos being alive, I think most of us can remember the angry microphones that jenkins2 and Dragonmount would constantly spam at people. Most notably: "you're useless, go kill yourself, you worthless piece of trash."
How does this relate to me right now after quitting for so long?
While walking to Chemistry one day, I saw a freshman with two other freshmen, and he said, and I quote "you're useless, kill yourself, you worthless pathetic piece of shit." After hearing that, I froze. I asked myself, could it be? Could it be in fact those pathetic bastards that we met in-game? I turned to find this kid, I'm 5'6, the kid was 5'0. He was very short. But I walked up to this kid, picked him up and slammed him into the wall. I was pissed. I grabbed him by the collar of his shirt. And got up in his face. I told him if he ever had the tenacity to EVER say that to someone again, I will be there, and it would hurt after saying something like that. I could have done a lot worse to him. But I just dropped him and let him go. The dean asked me what I did. And I admitted it, after telling the dean what the kid had the audacity to say. They were more concerned with what he had said than what I had done. But regardless, I still wonder if his parents and he could in fact be Dragonmount or Jenkins. If it is, oh so help me, I will find him, an d destroy them for them defamating Telos, and slandering Mis's name.

On a happier note, thank you Kumi for posting that blog post about Charice Pempengco, I was going to watch that episode, but I forgot all about it. D:. But thanks for posting that youtube link, I showed it to my boyfriend, and he got a download of the song for me. :]. I can't stop listening to it, her voice is so beautiful. I wish I had her voice, since Im no where as good. I started trying to sing the song, since it is so calming and beautiful. I took the song lyrics to heart, even if I'm athiest. The song is beautiful.


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  1. LOL. That's hilarious, what happened with the freshman.