Saturday, May 16, 2009

In which I relieve stress.

Well, this next blog post is mainly just my weekly rantings about how crappy this week has been.

First off, people who I don't necessarily hate, but very much dislike constantly return to my life. It gets annoying after a while constantly needing to deal with this people. I just kinda wish they turned to dust, get hit by a truck or just die for no apparent reason at all. (Yes, this is how much I dislike them). The same thing applies for my new/current global teacher. He's an idjit. He had to do a department of education requirement to give a lesson on HIV/AIDS. Now, my global class isn't honors this year, because I couldn't get the needed grade to be in honors. So I'm stuck in a regular class, with regular idiots who's thinking of a good teacher is one who curses in class. So, when asked whether or not he gave a crap about this lesson, his reply? "I don't give a shit." I don't care for the HIV/AIDS lesson, but when you say you don't give a shit about HIV or AIDS because you don't have it, that's just purely obnoxious. I was very very very close to getting up, telling him to call his college and refund his Master's Degree because obviously four years of university didnt give you much of an education.

Secondly, my service learning project for ROTC has so far failed. The whole, every kid deserves a smile idea for stuffed animal donations is apparently against a code in the department of health. So much for that. Now I'm out of ideas, and the due date: <3 weeks. Just lovely.

Third, I'm still contemplating a decision to go on American Idol or not. There's major pro/con debates that can keep my decision-making fueled. If I did become sucessful, could I handle the stress as a celebrity? When Britney Spears went beserk, the paparazzi wouldn't leave her alone, no wonder she shaved her hair off. But, she's clean now with the strongest comeback. Would I do the same? Would people ever use me if I became sucessful? Would I just be a tool for 'friends' to hop along on? And then the pros, having a lot of money, having fame (though it can be bad), being a celebrity means I could help people in masses, and I think the most rewarding to me is showing up everyone who ever said they didn't believe in me. Or the same people who stabbed me in the back. It's just a wonderful revenge instead of saying it, I become one with much money and just kick ass and make them regret what they've done.

Fourth, I have an urge to make a new blog under the same account just to write short stories. Fantasy/Fiction short stories are things I totally love to write about. After all, literature substitutes reality for a realm in which we cannot explore as humans.

Bored to death, hating to end and a complicated decison.

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