Wednesday, April 15, 2009

In which I say my final goodbye.

Tomorrow ends an era of online-life. For the past four years, I've dedicated myself to a numerous video games online and offline, making new friends, new enemies, facing tough challenges, drama, and above all, learning new experiences. But tomorrow, is my end for it all. I officially resign from Sword of the New World tomorrow, leaving my account in preservation. Hopefully, any of the Onslaught members who might happen to come by my blog, will see me off. Though it has been short-lived, it was a pleasure to be under Senji's command for a week.

In the past four years, no experience has mattered the most to me except Sword of the New World and Rakion. I've met such great people, and challenging enemies, some overwhelmingly challenging, and others who could not compare. But this chapter of my life will begin to close, as I seek to prevail and reach for my future dreams.

Rakion - To those who ever mattered to me:

I apologize for not being a better person. I apologize for being vindictive, and above all, a crazy bitch. But I did not sign on to a game, to pretend like I'm someone else. I am me, and it was a pleasure meeting many of you. Though most of you will probably never see this blog. I want you to know, and you know who you are, many of you are the greatest people I've ever met. With the new players and cash whores coming into the game, you veterans who quit early make me proud. You make me feel that there are good people out there, and I wish you the best.

Sword of the New World - To those who've I've hurt and those whom I love:

I also apologize for not being a better person. And especially to Miseriicordia. Though I was vindictive in what I said, I did not sign on to be a happy-go-lucky person. The truth is what you needed to see, regardless if you were oblivious to it. You were a great leader, but the greed of Colonies took you over. To those who I loved, you guys were the best. It was a privilege and an honor to have raided with you, talked to you, and above all, befriended you. I wish you success in the future, and the present.

And finally, my last words.

Everyone who I've ever met in my life has been a person. Though, their personality does define them, their success and determination will always be the factor that is to be remembered. Don't ever let someone tell you to stand down, because you are to stand up, and fight to the finish. Don't let another person tell you otherwise, and strive to prove them wrong. And finally, to quote the anonymous beholder of this great quote for the very last time:

"Run if you can, walk if you must, crawl if you have to; but never give up."

This applies to everything you do in life. Because giving up will never solve a problem.

But I for one, have given up. I'm tired of spending everyday grinding insatiably to level, I'm tired of waiting for that guy right there to talk to me again. I'm tired of dealing with other people's needs and putting mine before theirs. I've done much for everyone else, and I finally and strongly believe, it is time for me to do for myself.

There will be people who might never see this post. And might want to say good-bye, but will never have the chance to. But I receive them knowingly from those who I know whom have something to say.

It has been a pleasure.
Until next time. May we all meet again.
It is the last. It is the end, and it is immediate.
All good things, no matter how great they have been or ever will be, must come to an end.
And I bid to you all my final adieu.

P.S. I leave this video to inspire you all, that you can do it. And to never be afraid. Be a good person, and good will come to you. The world is full of cynicism, negativity, and a shred of hope. But don't ever ever ever let it get you down.


  1. See ya, Lune. It was a pleasure meeting you even if it was short lived. I have to admit when you trash talked other people during colony wars or PvP it made me laugh.

    Best wishes to your future endeavors.

  2. "Ecce universa terra coram te est: recede a me, obsecro: si ad sinistram ieris, ego dexteram tenebo: si tu dexteram elegeris, ego ad sinistram pergam."

    you and Kimi were always like my little sisters.

    i'm just an IM away on MSN if you need me.


  3. Hmm. I can't say we got along superduper well(what with all of our disagreements over Idge and the like :P) But it was fun. If you DO decide to try out for Idol, I might actually watch it. xD(yes I know I should've wrote this on the other post)
    I'm happy to see you and Mis for the post part, seem to have made peace.

    A sincere good luck to you, Lunesca. The strength you have seems to have rubbed off on me alittle, and I'm glad to have known you.

  4. It has been great talking and getting to know you, even if it was for a short time. Even then you have shown how strong you were and still are.

    Best of luck to you where ever you go and do.

  5. D'awwww -.-

    Damn you! I poked you on MSN last night to see if I could borrow your undead shotty and now your leaving us!
    I'm gonna miss you so much. It was lovely having you in )|( with us.

    I feel privileged to have known you and seen the beautiful woman you are inside.
    Feel free to drop me a message anytime. I'm always here for you.

    I'll always be stalking your blog too...

    <3 Sarah