Thursday, April 2, 2009

In which I smile.

I went on Sword last night for the second time since I quit. I sold all my fighter's crap, and I think I got ripped off by a couple million vis. What the heck is with the economy? Everything soared in prices since I quit. 9m for a 100 enchant chip?! Plus, a +3AR, +6, +92% Human pistol for 1bil. And a crap modded 92e pole for 80m. Jesus christ. I sold all my stuff for an accumulated 103m total. I still have to sell the blunt, maybe I'll get some more money out of that, and my vet wiz and fighter. I bought a Bracelet of Great Soul for 60m (fear of higher inflation makes me sad). But I must start accumulating monars to get a skullic bracer. 60m for a MSP. Bullshit.

Anyways, I need a clan, but hah. Check out this awesome proverb.

"I dream of a better tomorrow, where a chicken can cross a road and not have their motive questioned."


P.S. Price check on my Vet Grace, +5 70% Undead Conq. SG and yeah. :]


  1. Oooh My dear you should so lend me that Conq. Would make my levelling in AA this week so much easier.

    Well... I still want to steal you for )|( and personal reasons :P

    PM me in game at some point honey. I have lots to tell you!!

  2. Inflation makes me sad too. :(
    Was fun talking to you! xD

    And lol @ that proverb.

  3. I have my PMs blocked when I'm AFK =)
    If you have MSN add me: