Monday, May 18, 2009

In which I LOL.

Anyways, so, I recently discovered Wanda Sykes, the ever so talented and blunt comedian who played Ruby the Assistant to Viola Fields in Monster-in-Law. I love her stand up comedy, I totally died when I watched her videos. Her standpoint on gay marriage, is the exact same point that I believe in. Check it out:

And, I'm still contemplating the decision to become a celebrity. I read that America's Got Talent '09 starts next month, for live auditions. I would prefer that over American Idol, because of Wanda Sykes's point on American Idol. :].

Finally, I've perfected the routine for Eat You Up by Boa Kwon with mah crew. I totally would perform I Did it for Love or Eat You Up for the judges on AGT. Totally win.

^- Stupid SM Entertainment USA disabled Embed on request. Fuckers. :[ Watch on High quality.



  1. I don't really watch much stand up comedy but yeah, gotta admit, Wanda Sykes is pretty funny.

    If you audition for AGT or AI, I'd be able to go up to the TV and go like, "I KNOW HER LOLOL". Haha, but it's your choice. The life of a celebrity is awesome, but has tons of flaws.

    BoA is hawt. All I have to say~

  2. "Make marriage like the mafia: once your in, your in." LOL. That was excellent. Her view point on gay marriage is a refreshing look at the issue, I thought. If you go on America's Got Talent, I'd watch it and also be like Dar "HEY I KNOW HER :D" Good luck with everything~