Thursday, May 14, 2009

In which I update.

So, today I officially decided to quit Sword of the New World without the possibility of ever going back again. I gave the keys to my account to Sarah, who I know for sure without a doubt in my mind will do my account proud. I know she'll take good care of my Edward and Emilia and maybe my other darlings. :]. I trust you completely to kick major ass with these toons' Sarah, so get to ass kickin'<3.

I also started playing an old game that an old old old friend of mine played a long time ago, and now we went back to it. The game is Corum Online, and although it's click to move, it's the most fun game I've ever played. Leveling is easy as hell since quests account for 75% of your exp, but grinding is pretty quick as well. Especially when you get a godly guardian like mine<3. All I have to do now is wait for my friend to relevel his priest to 60, and we'll continue our adventures.

As far as real life goes; death is easy, living is the hard part. Life always tends to get difficult as the days past, and the school year ends. Final Examinations begin in two weeks, state regents a week after Finals and Cadet challenge is next week. Time to kick some major ass.

As for love, it's kinda hard getting past an old crush, when someone who looks exactly like your old crush is sitting in your class for the whole year. This person is practically the clone of my past crush, same face, same hair style, and the potential to be great. Except the body, I guess. But none-the-less, pretty similar. It's hard to move on when your past envelops you, and history repeats itself.

I hope everyone is doing well.

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  1. Hey honey...

    Your account has been moved over to mine.
    I have Romie, Musk and Emilia. Wizzy went to a very close friend of mine whom I trust completely. He is amazing.
    Grace and Ele are merc'd and in safe hands too.
    Your other toons shall be moved to my account on an as and when I have Mercs available basis.

    I kept loosing the piece of paper with your acct details on it, so, I figured was to move most stuff over while I still had it =)

    A lot of your stuff will be going to good use and put in a clan bank when I start up ~:+:Obsidian:+:~ clan. )|( is falling apart and I'm quitting it soon.
    Senji and Seph quit, Mart and Garm quit/went away/come back to chat, Most of the clan is now inactive.
    Certain people piss me off beyond all realms of reason.

    So as you can see, everything is a bit of a mess but I have decided I am in game until it's dying day.

    I'm glad you are enjoying a new game and away from the stress and strain of this one.
    I'm sure I'll speak to you on MSN too.

    You take care of yourself and be happy lady.

    <3 Sarah <3