Friday, March 13, 2009

In which I am busy.

Finally, do I get much time to myself.
This weekend will be hectic. I have promotion board Saturday morning (please for the love of God that I do not mess up) and then I have an extra credit project to do for Global, which is 5 points on your total average, that'd bring my average to a 102. Freaking need please.

So now that I'm busier with school work, I have to make a newsletter / magazine with club, me being me I took the topics of forensic science and culinary arts. :] I'm cool like that.
And now I have to organize a bake sale for next week.
I'm making chocolate lollipops, probably in pink teddy bear, red hearts, and white/milk chocolate ice cubes decorated with sprinkles and whatnot.
I shall post a picture after I'm done making them<3

I leave my heart.

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