Monday, March 30, 2009

In which I worry.

So, I went on SoTNW today, the first time in about 2-3 months since I left, and everything's still pretty much the same. I don't know if I should come back, but I do have the urge to want to blow things up with an elementalist. Mainly because I think my desired team would be my godly ETS, my Musk and a vet ele. Even though I loved my fighter, I just think Ele's are way more useful. So I don't know if I should go back, however I am thinking about it since I do miss some of my dear friends, (Sarah.(:) my partner in crime. Haha :D. Well, more thinking about that I must do.

And in other news, apparently tommorow April 1st, 2009, a devastating internet attack will occur from a Internet Worm called "Conficker C." A lot of people say this is a controversy like Y2k. However, I believe that this thing could possibly be very very realistic. Y2k was just a conspiracy theory on the world ending because of an unnatural phenomenon. However, something like a worm that is activated to attack specifically on April 1st, cannot be an unnatural phenomenon. This worm can be very real, and is very dangerous. It will be used to stop traffic of major major sites that is used daily. This could include sites such as: Google, Yahoo, MySpace, Facebook, Youtube and so on and so forth. I suggest immediate updates on your Anti-Virus's immediately.

There were several articles on this worm, here is one of them:

P.S. Apparently, this worm hides in your computer until it's command to attack, so you may or may not know if your computer has this worm. Some have said that you know you have it when you absolutely cannot update your Anti-Viruses/go on any anti-virus download websites such as AVG or Norton.

Be safe.


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  2. I'm glad mine is kept updated!
    I hope it's just a hoax though.

    Anyway you should come back for a while...
    I'm not in Telos any more, I'm an )|(onslaught)|( Neko Girl now.
    In saying that your clanless too... o.O
    -steals you-

    (previous post deleted due to spelling mistake >_< )

  3. Well, this so-called worm could certainly be called the biggest April Fools. :O
    I worry about many things as it is, to worry about this worm isn't going to do me any good, to be honest; so I'm not going to.

    I know the feeling of wanting to slaughter with an Ele. Saturday I was just running around Gigante boredly, Meteor Striking whereever I felt. :P It'd be nice to see you again on Sword!

  4. if you can't go on, you got it. and it's real. some people here at tufts have already found out that they got it.