Tuesday, March 17, 2009

In which I yay.

Ah, such a hectic life now.
So, today was when my crew found out that the international festival for our school is this Friday. And badly enough, we signed on to join and perform today.
I will be opening the show, with my solo of Toc Toc Toc by Hyori Lee. Since no one else wants to open the show, anyways, the girls are doing either Gee or Into the New World by SNSD. And the boys will end the show with Sunset Glow by Big Bang.
However in between are going to be a bunch of indian dances and other national music and cultural festivities.

Speaking of BigBang, after discovering that SeungRi from Big Bang has abs, I've TOTALLY fallen head over heels for him<3. Although I love him AND TaeYang, SeungRi is just too damn cute. (:.
I'm so moving to Korean and seducing him.


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  1. I miss my high school's cultural festivals. :< Not only were the performances fun to watch, but I like going around and sampling the food LOL. *sounds like a pig*

    Have fun~