Sunday, March 1, 2009

In which I critique.

So, lately I've been infatuated with watching Street Fighter and Tekken animated movies. I recently saw both Street Fighter Alpha and Tekken the Motion Picture. I've gotta say, I'm pretty dissapointed with the both of them actually.

Street Fighter Alpha focused more on martial artist Ryu, with some Ken and Chun-Li. Ryu's "little brother" finds him after their mother's death. After his arrival, he begins to train with both Ryu and Ken, and ends up using the Haddo, which apparently Ken and Ryu should not use because of it's evil powers. The major thing that I was dissapoined about was how little Chun-Li action there was. D:. Come on, Chun-Li is so much cooler then Ryu and Ken, srsly. If it were humanly possible, I'd learn all of Chun-Li's moves just to show off. D:. There was one graphic scene, well it wasn't graphic, but it was dirty in my mind, that kinda freaked me out a little bit, and I wish to forget about it... but all in all, SF: Alpha was ehh.. I give it a 3/5, had it be more actiony with Chun-Li, then it'd be better.

Tekken the Motion Picture was epic fail. The story-line was okay, but the English dub was..terrible.. Kazuya's voice was so deep, it made no sense whatsoever at all. I mean, the entire storyline was about the main character's and their lives. But this revolved so much on Kazuya's revenge to kill his father, and then Jun is featured as an extraordinary martial artist. Are you friggin' kidding me. I'd rather watch the epic battles between Nina and Anna Williams, at least it's more action and less talking. I give it a 2/5, storyline was messed up, and it was..awkward to say the least..

So while I type up this crappy critique, I'm mediaconverting the Street Fighter II Animated Movie series, YouTube won't let me view it cause it's 'this video is unavailable to your country.'
Well it's available to me now, betch.~


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  1. Hah, that's funny. The Legend of Chun-Li was equally crap as well. I went to go see it yesterday and... well, let's just say I came out of theatres pretty angry... that I wasted nearly 10 bucks to watch that crap of a film.