Wednesday, March 4, 2009

In which I question.

ROTC always questions our acts of good citizenship. And to be honest, I try to be a good person, but sometimes is being a good person too hazardous? While waiting for a bus to get back home, I encountered two homeless people who frequently hang around this bus stop. They were talking, and one of them left. I turned around, and looked at the direction which the bus would come from, two girls in front of me opened their mouth in shock as their eyes looked past me. The homeless man had slipped from the ice and snow that was left over from the recent snowstorm. He slipped onto the road where cars were still driving quickly without any hesitation to stop. As I watched this man struggle to get back up on his own two feet, I began questioning my decision on whether or not to help him get back up. As I kept thinking, a woman on her cellphone reacted quickly, canceled her call and proceeded to help this man up..however, he shoo'd her away, saying he was fine, and insisted on getting up by himself. After a minute of struggling to get back up, I noticed this man was very awkward. He often mumbled to himself while getting up, and had horrible hand-eye coordination. This man was no 75 year old, but what I could estimate, someone between 30-40 years old. What would take me 3 seconds to get back up, took him 5 minutes. He finally got up on his feet, and as soon as he did, he needed to regain his balance, and immediately after doing so, he picked up some ice to wipe his forehead, which he then used the piece of ice to throw it onto the was then that I noticed his fall had caused an injury above his eye that bled a decent amount. He picked up more ice, wiping his forehead, while cursing at the ice. The bus arrived shortly after, stopping a meter in front of this man who was still on the road. I quickly got on, and that was when I noticed he got on as well, begging the bus driver to let him go for free, as he was 'wounded'. He stumbled near me, and sat 2 seats away. I instantly was sucker-punched by his horrendous stench of not bathing for a month, but with a distinct scent of apple-flavor. It was then I realized, that this man was drunk, all his struggles in the past 10 minutes were due to his own choice of getting hammered, and acting like a fool on the streets.

Was it wrong for me not to help this man up? Or would it have been wrong for unpredicted danger to overcome me, had I did help him.

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