Tuesday, March 3, 2009

In which I win.

So this whole week has been rather chaotic. A snowday yesterday has caused me to slow down a bit, but hell yeah bey-otch. Snow day in New York for the first time in 5 years man. But no vacation comes without a price, kids who didn't attend school had to shovel the 8-15 inches of snow that they received on their property, even I had to do some shoveling, and god it was a beeyotch. But I'm brollick so I did it pretty quickly, faster then either one of my parents.

So in terms of school, chaos is it's true name, I have so many projects due this month, each week is going to be even harder until june arrives. Only 13 more weeks. BUT. On a lighter note, my dance group and I have finally perfected the dance AND vocals to Gee by Girl's Generation. It took probrably four weeks since we've been able to finally do it without complications, the dance and vocals were made for a girl group of 9 people, but we made it for 5, major win. So while the girls were working on Gee, the guys were doing their own thing. They still haven't perfect Big Bang's Haru Haru..but that's okay. :D. That song is hot so we'll just have to wait a little longer. So while we took breaks I was being a nerd and practicing Chun-Li moves, yes I have no life, but at least I can freakin' do them betch~. I sorta can do spinning bird kick, BUT however Chun-Li's is flying through the air without your arms supporting you, and well that's physically impossible to do to spin around mid-air. D: but atleast I can do some of it.


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