Monday, March 23, 2009

In which I discuss.

As a child, after learning multiplication and the square root and exponentials, I always wondered the course of a person's future. Every 365 days after our birth date, we gain another year of age. A year of age, a year of experience, and a year of endurance. When I first learned these processes of math, I began to think, would being 15 years old give me 225 events that would make me remember, 255 events that give me a greater experience of life, and greater wisdom.

My internet experiences began when I was the age of 13. This age was especially the greatest one that I laugh at, even to this day. This was my worse year of experiences that I could remember. My life has been like the Greek Gods, at 13 I was Aries, the god of violent and unnecessary warfare. I was a very erratic person at this age, talking crap about me constituted great war against you, and you best pray that I don't unleash my wrath upon you.

At 14, I began Rakion as a little noobie, played an archer and quit for a while. It was at this time that I started making some progress towards the higher level fighting, but it was a very on/off year of quietness. It became the most serene year of my life by far, although I was still Aries-like.

At 15, I broke into the realm of 31-99 on Rakion, playing with the high class levelers, meeting new people, and making both plenty of enemies and friends. This was the year that I hated myself the most, my life became dreadful, locked with constant betrayal and heartache. I made many enemies during this time of my life, I do remember those enemies, I hated them so much and wished to tear their heart from their bodies and rip their soul from their being. This year gave me such heartache, broken love, destroyed friendships, and constant warfare.

Now that I am currently 16, having done almost 365 day's worth of 256 events and new experiences. I've grown wiser, much more mature than my age is. It has been my greatest accomplishment yet. I've learned to forgive the betrayel and hate that my enemies bestowed upon me. And though such enemies are not all my friends, it does not matter to me if I become hated, or loved. If they hate me and wish harm to me, then so be it. But for great karmatic justice shall take place and uphold all sins placed by the people. I forgave many enemies, most of which became close friends of mine, some I love still, but it goes unidentified, and it is okay with me. I have become a martyr, and will sacrafice my happiness for the welfare, sake, and above all, the happiness of others, even if it means risking my own happiness.

In less than two months, I shall begin my 17th year of life, expecting 289 new experiences and new events. I figure this squaring of the age to provide new experiences is probrably wrong. And as the number of age increases, as well as it's square, the difference of squares between your old and new ages will be number that provides you with new experiences. Leaving you with 289 experiences and events that give you meaning that you have endured in your life.

In the end, love conquers all, my life has been full of hate and love, bountiful of both. Yet, I continue to strive on, with my head held up high. I've developed from Aries, the god of violent war, to Athena, the goddess of war done intelligently. But although love conquers all, there is and never will be, the true meaning and the true appearance of a war done intelligently.


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