Sunday, April 26, 2009

In which I indulge.

Lately I've been rather annoyed at a few certain people, perhaps it's because of what they did, or just because I've been relatively cranky from having almost no sleep every single night. But I'm pretty sure it's because of what they did anyways. Stewpid people..

I've also begun to indulge in my childhood fantasies again, with the urge of wanting to play Pokemon and the things I grew up with, but never got to try. I think my childhood as an asian kid is flawed. 93% of Asians I know grew up playing with Final Fantasy and the likes of that..but I haven't..which I think is kinda sad. But however, atleast I've played Pokemon, and I lurve pokemanz<3.

Even though my game life should be on a complete halt, I decided to try GunZ : The Duel again last night, and I waas pretty much kicking major ass. o.o. It's fun to shotgun spray<3.

And as for the week of school, boring ~ but my crew did manage to finally learn the dance step to Boa Kwon's I Did it For Love, which is stuck in my head, and that dance routine is the hardest shit I've ever done in my life.



  1. Oooh So your not coming back to sword??

    I hope all is well with you honey. I haven't been on MSN much lately and when I have you haven't been online... =(

    That song is lovely, If I had the energy I'd love to learn the dance routine too!

    Keep in touch honey ^-^

  2. Now that BoA's making her debut in America, I've been hearing about her everywhere. Especially in class, these 2 girls wouldn't shut up about her, lol.

    That fan dance was really hawt.