Tuesday, May 26, 2009

In which I discuss : Six Flags.

This trip was semi-disappointing to be honest.
First, my friends and I went to Wild Safari to look at them animals. It was kinda funny, and amazes me how the animals aren't afraid of the cars. Some of them even walk out in the middle of the road when there are cars. Two ostriches walked by the middle of the road, and a train of little ducklings and their parents. It was so cute. There was this one car that was stuck in the left lane of the road because this ostrich was towering over it. Like literally standing 2 inches from the driver's side. I felt bad for them cause the ostrich pecked at their window a little. It didn't move for a good 20 minutes, so those poor people were stuck there. I liked Wild Safari, amazes me how much land Six Flags owns.
Second, we went to the actual theme park Six Flags, and that was the disappointing part of the trip. Kingda Ka wasn't open, so no crazy roller coaster for me to ride on..sadly. I did however got to go on Twister, the Sky Ride and Go Karts. Go Karts were freakin' awesome, I never realized what a reckless driver I can be. I wasn't bad, but I just sped like hell, even after they said "no drifting" I drifted like hell. There was this pink car with some girl in it, and I really wanted to pass her before the 6 laps were up, but nooo, the bitch kept moving left and right on straight paths, and sticking to the side on the curves. Bitch. But I got past her and did the same shit to her.
But this wasn't the disappointing part of the trip. The disapointing parts were the limitless numbers of nagging whiners. I mean, not to be racist, but while I was there I only saw a trend of naggers -- they were all black people. I mean, this isn't a joke, but that's what happened. Not once in the 4 hours I was there, did I hear someone from another ethnicity whine about something.
For instance, while I was standing in line @ Guest Relations to ask something, there was a pretty long line, but also these two people who were talking to the employees for a good 10 minutes. I don't mind waiting, because they're probably going through some reservation issues, and that can take a while, hell if it were me, I'd expect the same patience. But no, this black girl with this heavy jamaican accent comes along and says "this is boolshit, waiting in line." Then don't wait in line. She talks to her guy friend, and I was eaves dropping, listening to her whine about the long line, the long wait, and mocking this girl who was one of the people talking to the employees. Her friend then tells her that she owes him 50$ because of the money he spent on her today. Her reply: "it's my birthday, I owe you nothing." I turned around, and knocked that bitch out. That's the dumbest fucking excuse ever. Tell that to the IRS, or Immigration, or perhaps use it to get out of paying the medical bills that will cover the treatment on the black eye I just gave you.
Another instance, I was waiting in line to play this game, where you throw a ball at this board, and it has to go into the bucket in order for you to win this big ass life sized stuffed animal. This black woman won, and asked for the BamBam doll (I think it's BamBam, the little baby girl from The Flintstones) anyways, she takes her prize, looks at it, and sees a tear. Now keep in mind, these shits have huge ass heads, of course the neck tears. She brings it back to the kiosk to ask for something else. The employee is suffering by dragging this doll to this pen in the middle and tries to get her something else. He does this twice. And then she just asks for the BamBam doll back. I should've knocked her out too.
Finally, when I wanted to go to the paintball kiosk, there were these three black people. Now this wasnt naggy, but it was just so fucking annoying. They were just spending money shooting at STATIONARY targets, and was all "HEADSHOT" of course you'll get a headshot, it was STATIONARY. If you can't get a headshot, you might as well give yourself a headshot. It was retarded because they seriously thought it was counter-strike.

Ugh, horrible day. And Im not a racist! This is what happened today, and it's bad enough that I need to say it.


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  1. Mm, I wish Kingda Ka was at my Six Flags over on the west coast. That's such an awesome ride.

    Hah, now you know what my sister goes through since she works at an amusement park (in her case, Disneyland). It's worse for her because she's a worker and can't bitch slap anyone no matter how mad they make her. Not to mention she has to deal with snotty little kids too.